[100% Unique Papers] · Formatted Per Apa

[100% Unique Papers] · Formatted Per Apa


Case Study: Creating a culture of safety in response to an adverse event in healthcare

For this assignment, you will research a specific case of an adverse event that occurred in healthcare.  Using the case that you have identified, you will write a research paper exploring the impact and importance of creating a safety culture in healthcare organizations. Your research paper shall:

· Describe the adverse event that you selected as your case study.  Include details of the patient outcome and the contributing factors involved in the adverse event.

· Evaluate the impact and importance of creating a patient safety culture in healthcare organizations.

· Create an improvement plan to address the issues that were identified in your adverse event case.  Your plan shall include analysis of best practices in safety culture.

Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

· Six-To-Seven pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.

· Formatted per APA 7th edition standards.

· Provide support for your work with in-text citations from a minimum of six scholarly articles. 

· Provide full APA references for the sources used on a reference page, along with appropriate in-text citations.

· Utilize headings to organize the content in your work.

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