[100% Unique Papers] 1 Page 250 Words

[100% Unique Papers] 1 Page 250 Words

  Here are more dietary trends for you to choose from.  Some of these directly involve protein intake directly, some only partially address protein.  Once again, choose one of the following to expand on for your main post.


  • Supplemental protein shakes, of which there      are many varieties (bodybuilders will      be familiar with this one)
  • Vegan diets (address protein quality plus      other issues associated with vegan diets).  Compare to vegetarian if      appropriate.
  • Juice and other types of liquid-only      “Cleanses”
  • Does a high protein diet have any benefit or      can it be risky?
  • This last one usually refers to balanced      macronutrient intake, but it’s a popular topic: Intermittent Fasting,      yes or no?

Main post must include at least one credible reference. Replies should include references if appropriate. Examples of reference that are not recommended include sites that sell products or diet plans, have a personal agenda (vegan, etc.) Someone’s personal blog, Wikipedia, contact mills (Livestrong, SFGate, EHow), some examples of credible references are Pubmed, Mayo Clinic, Linus Pauling institute, ACSM, Ace, Cleveland Clinic, FDA Databases, reputable doctors, most sites with domain.edu, .org or .gov.

commercial sites such as Healthline and WebMD are not consistently reliable but are OK when accompanied by a second source. 

try to write in a conversational, yet factual (supported by reference) style. (It is a learning process.)

Of course- follow the cardinal rules and the principles of netiquette. it is OK to politely disagree with one another! 

check your grammar and spelling.

1 page 250 words min

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