[100% Unique Papers] 2 – 3 Pagesapa

[100% Unique Papers] 2 – 3 Pagesapa

Instructional Leadership Assessment

The Instructional Leadership Assessment will be a self-assessment of your own instructional leadership actions, attitudes, motivation to lead and characteristics, based on your reading and discussion in the first week and leadership exposure prior to the beginning of this course.


  • 2–3 pages
  • APA citations, and references
  • Contains at least three references, with one being outside of the course readings

Section I: Definition of Instructional Leadership

Write a definition of instructional leadership using the text, other resources for this unit, and outside resources. Write this as a narrative and include a list of activities, beliefs, or characteristics associated with instructional leadership.

Section II: Motivation to Lead

Based on your definition in Section I, what motivates you to develop as an instructional leader? What do you want to accomplish in your current setting or your next leadership role?

Section III: Assessing Yourself as an Instructional Leader

Based on what you defined as an instructional leader in Section I and your motivation in Section II, assess to what extent you are already acting as an instructional leader. What areas of growth that you need to focus on as you develop your leadership skills? Include specifics of your practice as related to the best practices of instructional leadership you listed there.

Section IV: Action Plan for Growth as an Instructional Leader

Based on the first two sections of this paper, write a plan for how will you continue to grow as an instructional leader. What qualities of an instructional leader will you need to improve in order to be successful in your current educational setting? What skills, certificates, or trainings will you need to be a leader in a future educational setting? How will you acquire these?

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