[100% Unique Papers] 2023 Summer Quarter Module

[100% Unique Papers] 2023 Summer Quarter Module

NUR2058 Section 01 Dimensions of Nursing Practice (11 Weeks) – Online Plus – 2023 Summer Quarter

Module 03 Discussion – Agencies and Who They Serve

Module 03 Discussion – Agencies and Who They Serve


Discussion Topic

Activity Time:

2 hours

Additional Time for Study, Research, and Reflection: 

4 hours


For this discussion, review the various healthcare settings in your reading (such as hospital, community health center, etc.) and select one. Once selected, research the internet to identify a facility that represents your selected healthcare delivery setting. Review their website and determine:

• Location and size

• Mission and values

• Accreditation and awards

• How long they have been serving their target population

• Whether they are part of a system or a single institution

• Are they for profit or not-for profit

• The target populations they serve

• The clinical and client services they provide

• The type of staff who work in the setting

• Contributions to the community

In a two to three paragraph discussion post, identify key aspects of the selected healthcare setting, how their mission and values compare with the services they provide and their target populations, the type of staff who work there, any special or unique aspects of the healthcare setting, and your impression of the healthcare setting after reviewing their website. You don’t need to identify the name of the healthcare setting just the type.

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