[100% Unique Papers] 3 Complete Paragraph Ethos

[100% Unique Papers] 3 Complete Paragraph Ethos


For this assignment, you will write a 2-3 complete paragraph Ethos Statement.  As you likely learned in your composition classes, ethos means “character” or “credibility”.  Thus, an Ethos Statement is a statement of your character and intentions for this class.

In the first paragraph, explain your intention to be dedicated to the successful completion of this course.  Address the following in this paragraph:

  • What are your responsibilities as a student in this course?
  • What responsibilities do you have outside of this course? How will you manage/prioritize all of your responsibilities in a way that honors your well-being?
  • What does successful completion of this course look like/mean to you?
  • What planning do you need to undertake to ensure that you are successful in this course?
  • What support do you need from me (Professor) to help you successfully complete this course?
  • How will you hold yourself accountable for making sure that you are successful in this course?
  • Articulate your ethical commitment to not plagiarize or use others’ work without proper citations.

In the second paragraph, explain the importance of this course — not only in terms of earning your degree, but in your everyday life.  Address the following in this paragraph:

  • How do you define critical thinking? (Please your own words/ideas here. I’m not interested in what others think – I want to know your current perception of critical thinking. This isn’t a right/wrong question, so please do not consult outside sources to respond to this question.)
  • Why is critical thinking an essential skill in everyday life? 
  • How might critical thinking benefit you and prove to be an asset in your future educational and career pursuits?
  • What aspects of critical thinking are strengths or skills you already practice?
  • What area(s) of your own critical thinking would you like to see growth?

You should use first-person language (“I”, “me,” “my”) in this assignment.

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