[100% Unique Papers] Activist Advocate Agency Administrator

[100% Unique Papers] Activist Advocate Agency Administrator


Do you consider yourself an advocate, educator, activist, facilitator, mediator, or broker? Social workers take on all of these roles at various times. For example, a social worker may initiate and uphold change through social action. Alternatively, certain factors, such as race, social class, mental health, or sexual orientation may influence the social worker’s role. Therefore, the social worker must understand the client issue in order to be an effective helper. Regardless of the role, the direct practice social worker has the obligation to serve clients in multiple roles on many levels—micro, mezzo, or macro.

In this Discussion, you examine the multidimensional roles social workers fulfill in order to serve the best interest of the client.

To prepare: Review “Case Study: Sarah,” found in the course text. pg 12

By Day 4


  • Describe how the social worker served in the role of case manager for Sarah.
  • Identify at least two other roles that the social worker could have filled that would have helped Sarah. 

Social worker roles: Activist


                                Agency Administrator


                               Case Manager

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