[100% Unique Papers] Apa Reference List Exceeds

[100% Unique Papers] Apa Reference List Exceeds

Hi, i need a 20 slide PowerPoint presentation using a case study. The presentation will use the “nursing process” to discuss the following section:

Holistic Assessment of Client’s Condition

Priority Intervention that Promotes Client Safety  

Client’s Cultural Value in Implementation 

Advocacy: Right to Autonomy and Adherence to Plan of Care 

Team Members, Communication, Collaboration

Assignment Details:

1. Name the file: ACI_NUR280W8_3835_Sotolongo J 

2. Create Cover Slide:

   a. The name of the assignment: Case Study about Cushing Syndrome 

   b.  The name of the course 

   c. Name of the professor 

   d. Name of the student 

3. Slides 2-19 will evaluate the case study using the nursing process and discuss the 5 concepts above.

4. Finally, list the references in APA style in slide 20. If the APA reference list exceeds slide 20, you may use additional slides to list all of the sources.

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