[100% Unique Papers] Appraisal Template Document Posted

[100% Unique Papers] Appraisal Template Document Posted

 # Critique your systematic review article and qualitative/quantitative article using the appraisal template document posted below.

 # Use the information below to help you know which section of the article to use to answer questions in the template.

* Introduction and its subsections have the purpose or WHY the study was done.

* Methods section and its subsections contain HOW the study was done.

* Results, Discussion, and Conclusions section will have WHAT was found.

 # Each section of the template is required to be completed as this assignment builds on your Evidence-Based Practice Project. Each template has a citation that must be submitted in APA format. Answers to questions in the Synopsis sections are required. Each question must have an answer of 1-2 full sentences in length per question. In the credibility section answer yes/no questions and add a statement 1 to 2 sentences in length under each question  The comments section must have a paragraph describing, for example, strengths, and limitations, if it was able to answer your PICOT question, how it relates to your topic and what you found most significant, etc.  

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