[100% Unique Papers] Blind ” Part 1

[100% Unique Papers] Blind ” Part 1

The topic is “love is blind”.

PART 1: Introduction/Abstract. Write a paragraph or two as an overview about your research proposal. Include the theory you are testing as well as your hypothesis.

PART 2: Literature Review/Background. Provide context for why you chose this topic and how your study will build off of other research. Find an academic study that has already been done related to your topic. Write a summary of what you learn from the article. You need to do this with at least TWO peer-reviewed journal articles. Peer-reviewed articles come from journals like those at the APA website, and not from simple Google searches or news websites. Most journals require a paid subscription but you can typically access them through your school library free of charge. Proper APA citations should be included. This should be roughly 1-2 pages in length.

PART 3: Method. Consider all of the questions below as you write out this main section of your research proposal. This should be roughly 1-2 pages in length.

  • Who will participate in your study?
  • What will you sampling process be?
  • How will you control against bias?
  • If an experiment, what are the independent and dependent variables?
  • What is a participant in the study going to do?
  • How will you collect the data?

PART 4: Results/Conclusion/Discussion. Write a summary paragraph about how you could and would utilize the results of your experiment.

  • How will you analyze your results?
  • What kind of statistical analysis will you need to do?
  • What results would either confirm or disprove your hypothesis?
  • In what way will the results of this study be beneficial?

It should be 4-6 pages. Times new Roman. 12 point font. 

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