[100% Unique Papers] Choose Whichever Format Works

[100% Unique Papers] Choose Whichever Format Works

Continue using your project scenario from the (ATTACHED ASSIGNMENT) and identify and write your performance objectives. As you consider the scenario and the goals and analysis completed in Unit II, you will: 

1) briefly recap your scenario, 

2) write at least three terminal objectives, 

3) write at least two enabling objectives for each terminal objective, 

4) and reflect on the process you chose to write these objectives and why you chose this process with a minimum of 200 words. 

Which of the processes or models from this unit did you utilize? 

How does the process or model you have chosen best work for you in this situation? 

This portion of your project should include a minimum of one outside resource (this can be your textbook). 

When writing your terminal and enabling objectives, you may use bullet points of different levels for each type of objective, a table, or even a graphic image (you might use the SmartArt feature in Microsoft Word, for instance) to illustrate the relationships between your objectives. 

You are free to choose whichever format works best for your scenario and objectives. Adhere to APA Style when creating your in-text citations and references for all outside sources that are used. Your formatting, however, does not need to be in APA Style for this unit’s assignment.

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