[100% Unique Papers] Classic Batman Versus Joker

[100% Unique Papers] Classic Batman Versus Joker

The Dark Knight, which introduced Heath Ledger as the Joker, is perhaps the best Batman movie to date. The film opens with a tense bank scene. Then, the movie develops into the classic Batman versus Joker struggle, and the ending is unexpected. The Dark Knight Movie (Links to an external site.)

The set-up, the action, and the ending made this movie wildly entertaining.

Writing work is like creating a movie- you need a beginning scene, action in the middle, and a fantastic ending


This task consists of 3 parts. 

Select a movie you like and write an work. Use the guide questions for the development of each part of the work. 

Part 1:  Introduction: Beginning scene

  1. Begin with an engaging lead.
  2. Include background information.
  3. What three specific aspects of real life does the movie reveal? (work statement)

Part 2: Development: Action in the middle

  1. Discuss the three specific aspects of real-life the movie reveals.
  2. Dedicate each body paragraph to discuss one point of discussion of the thesis statement.
  3. Use transition words and phrases within and from paragraph to paragraph to connect ideas.

Part 3: Conclusion: Fantastic ending

  1. Make your work come full circle.
  2. Refer to the different types of concluding sentences.

Be sure to review the academic expectations for your submission.

Submission Instructions

  • Include the link to the video (movie) you selected.
  • Include all references in APA format
  • Consider the writing process.
  • Refer to the following:
    • The precision of words strategies
    • Punctuation and Mechanics
    • Microsoft Spell Check

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