[100% Unique Papers] Collaboration Helps Advanced Practice

[100% Unique Papers] Collaboration Helps Advanced Practice


FPA stands for full practice authority that advocates for practice registered nurses to use their skills and knowledge in the medical field, having to report back to a physician. This is aimed at making the care of patients easier. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of the latter. Some advantages are that it improves the safety of the patients, enhances healthcare team collaboration, support from physician organizations, and improves public perception. The disadvantages are the restrictive legislation halting nurse practitioner practice at the level of their full knowledge and preparation.

The collaboration ensures that the safety of the patients is improved. Collaboration between the nurses and the physician organizations ensures high-quality care and helps to reduce the medical errors that often occur (Schorn et al., 2022). Physicians with more experience and expertise in the field can guide advanced practice registered nurses, especially in complex cases. This will ensure that the needs of the patients are prioritized.

The collaboration will ensure that there is advanced healthcare team collaboration. The collaboration ensures better communication between the physician organization and the nurses, leading to better coordination among the healthcare providers, which results in better patient care (Schorn et al., 2022). It also provides more integration of the healthcare workers, increasing efficiency and patient satisfaction. When people come together aiming for the same goal, the chances of succeeding are higher, and it is no different in this case because working together as medical practitioners generally helps the patients and helps provide a sustainable life.

The collaboration helps Advanced Practice Registered Nurses get support from physician organizations. They influence the policymakers and leave them at an advantage giving them higher chances of successfully following the FPA legislation (Schorn et al., 2022). The FPA legislation will help Advanced Practice Registered Nurses by making their work more efficient and effective, which in turn further provides better care for the patients and improves the life of the patients.

The collaboration improves the public’s perception of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. Most of the time, the public views them as inadequate and less equipped with medical knowledge, and therefore, they need to be respected and given enough credit for their work and efforts (Schorn et al., 2022). Physician organizations, however, have the trust and support of the public, and working together increases the trust. The patients will demand them more; ultimately, it provides better care. People tend to trust people who they think have more experience; however, without the help of the physician organizations, it also fosters a good environment to support each other without the stereotypes.

 The major disadvantage of this collaboration is that the legislation needs to give the Advanced Practice Registered Nurses practice achieve the level of their full knowledge and preparation (Donna Reese, 2023). Many are limited and need help to achieve their greatest potential because they exist under the shadow of physician organizations.

200 words and two (2) scholarly references APA style 

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