[100% Unique Papers] “ Concept Map Template

[100% Unique Papers] “ Concept Map Template

Concept Map:

Using the “Concept Map Template” in the Web Links section, complete the following (do not include patient identifiers):

A.  Describe the pathophysiology related to a disease process, disorder, or injury.

B.  Identify at least 4 critical cues that are relevant to the patient’s current condition.

C.  Analyze the 4 critical cues from B by making 3 supporting connections between the cues and patient conditions.

1.  Identify 2 cues of concern related to the patient’s overall health outcome.

D.  Determine 3 hypotheses critical to positive patient outcomes, listing them in order of priority.

E.  Develop 5 SMART goals with appropriate interventions that will positively impact patient outcome and are appropriate to the care of the patient.

F.  Describe how each of the 5 interventions from E will be prioritized and implemented into the patient’s plan of care.

G.  Describe how the 5 interventions from E were effective or ineffective in improving patient outcome or care.

H.  Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

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