[100% Unique Papers] Coping Mechanisms Like Magical

[100% Unique Papers] Coping Mechanisms Like Magical

write an essay that analyzes Ewing’s use of coping mechanisms like magical realism to critique or comment on the racism that her characters experience. You might consider the following questions when creating your thesis:

–          What is the purpose of magical realism writing: Nostalgic memory? A coping mechanism?

–          How does Ewing mark the transition from “reality” to “fantasy”?

–          What is the effect of turning a realistic moment into a fantastic one?

–          What impact does her magical imagery have on the reader? Why?

–          Could this Magical Realism writing be an effect of nostalgia?   

 a clear thesis in the introduction, and each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. Your essay should have a minimum of five paragraphs and 700 words. 

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