[100% Unique Papers] Editing Previous Coursework

[100% Unique Papers] Editing Previous Coursework


Discussion Post

Selection of Artifacts

Your e-portfolio is a way to gain your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Throughout the course, you will be editing previous coursework and uploading to your e-portfolio. In addition, you will create new artifacts (items that you want to showcase) to include in your e-portfolio.  Your e-portfolio should include a diverse collection of artifacts that represent you. Consider how you will use the e-portfolio after the completion of the course?   How will you use the final product to enhance your personal branding?

For the second part of our discussion this week, please answer the following questions.  Based on your reading and understanding, how would you describe an e-portfolio?  How do you develop one? What are signature assignments and how do you select the best one to include in your e-portfolio?  A list of the signature assignments is located in the resources area. Will you include videos and pictures? 

Be creative as there is not a right or wrong response.  Provide details of the artifacts you would like to include.  Consider what will be of value to the person reviewing the artifacts.  When you respond to your peers, consider artifacts they may not have included.

*Post must be a minimum of 250 words

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