[100% Unique Papers] Family Events Families Influence

[100% Unique Papers] Family Events Families Influence


Why Study Families?

Rowe (2018, chapter 3, page 54) states, “If there is one ‘mantra’ about family life in the last half century, it is that the family has undergone tremendous change. “

Family nursing comprises a philosophy and a way of interacting with clients that affects how nurses collect information, intervene with patients, advocate for patients, and approach spiritual care with families.

This philosophy and practice incorporates the following assumptions:

  • Health affects all members of families
  • Health and illness are family events
  • Families influence the process and outcome of health care
  • All health care practices, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and decisions are made within the context of larger family and societal systems

Why Study Families? Give a detailed description of why it is important to study families in healthcare

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