[100% Unique Papers] Help Please Read Attachments

[100% Unique Papers] Help Please Read Attachments

Problem Solving Skills: Journal entry module 5 I work for a logistics company in Ukraine they have disappeared after the war in Ukraine, but I am still getting paid. I have added an attachment with an email for my instructor asking for help Please read attachments 

Problem Solving Skills

This should be your fifth journal post.  As you proceed through each module you will be applying the objectives learned in that module to your “problem” and posting entries in your project journal.

The reading for this module should have aided you to understanding Critical Thinking; Identifying Arguments; Assessing the Credibility of an Argument; and Exploring Weaknesses in an Argument.  These objectives are part of your required reading for this Module.  So, refer to your textbook should you need any additional information to assist you when discussing these objectives.  

Having thought critically and assessed all arguments and weaknesses to your you need to Evaluate the options you have developed to solve your problem.

Module Five Journal Entry Requirements:

  • Part 6- Evaluate options
    • Choose an evaluation method
    • Select and weight criteria
    • Rate the alternatives
    • Make a decision

This project journal must be completed no later than 10/17/2022 by11:59 pm EST. 

Grading Criteria 

There is no length requirement for this assignment.  This project journal is for your benefit.  This journal entry is to be used for research for your final project submission. But, just keep in mind, the more you include in the journal entry, the more information you will have when preparing the final semester project.  

You may use bullets, statements, etc., when completing your journal entry.  However, you are still expected to use appropriate language and spelling as a reinforcement to developing good communication habits.  

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