[100% Unique Papers] Helpful Google Sites May

[100% Unique Papers] Helpful Google Sites May

                                                                                      Psychology in the News

                                       Comparing and Contrasting Empirical and Popular Literature 

                                                                                               Spring 2022

Introduction – This assignment is to help each student to discern the contrasts and comparisons among empirical literature that reports psychological research findings, versus popular literature that provides information and entertainment to general audiences. Empirical literature from refereed professional, scientific documented much of the information that was presented throughout the chapters of your textbook and other course materials. Popular psychological literature focuses on variety of topics of general interest to individuals of all ages.

Directions – Each student will select and review a Psychology in the News article from a popular recent news media source (no older than 5 years). The article must be on a psychological topic related to one that was covered in the textbook and in class discussions.

Each student will complete a 1-page written summary of his/her selected article, citing comparisons (similarities) and contrasts (differences) with empirical findings in the textbook or from class discussions. Each student will also present a 2-minute oral analysis of the popular news article.

  • Do not copy from the article 
  • Be prepared with your oral presentation for the week of May 10 and May 12
  • Each student will email the one – page, typed, single-spaced (12 pt. font)  assignment to Prof.
  • The Absolute deadline for written assignment is Tuesday May, 17, 2022

Format –  The list below provides the outline of key characteristics and information to highlight in of each students one page typewritten abstract and 2 minute oral presentation.

  • Title of the article
  • Name(s) of author(s)
  • Name and date of new source
  • Topic of the article and the intended audience
  • Topic we covered in class that is related to this article
  • General information or message 
  • Advice or recommendations provided 
  • DO the textbook and the popular article agree on the information that is shared?
  • Implications and significance – why is this information important to the public ?
  • What citations or sources for further information were included in the article?
  • On what factors have you determined the degree of credibility or trustworthiness of the information in the popular literature.

Note: Prof. will provide guidance and assistance in reviewing the broad range of topics, specialty areas, and popular informational sources from which students may select the popular articles. Students may select any relevant article of personal interest as long as it relates to a topic covered in our text or discussed in class. Helpful Google sites may include:

Fascinating psychology articles                    What’s new in psychology?                           Interesting Psychology in the news

Mental Health in the US                                   Hot topics in psychology                              Dying and Death in America 

Interesting findings in psychology                 Psychological news                                       Trends in psychology 

Taboo topics in psychology.                           Current issues in psychology                       Latest research news in psychology

Be creative with your searches !

Good luck!

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