[100% Unique Papers] Individual Characteristics Serve

[100% Unique Papers] Individual Characteristics Serve


The objective of this homework is for you to get a glimpse into the nursing profession and consider nursing in a deeper way. You will choose “A NURSE I AM” of the documentaries to watch, and answering specific questions (see rubric below). 

The options you may select from are:

● ‘A NURSE I AM’ (available for free on youtube: https://youtu.be/I-xsf8oZxAU)

The homework should be typed, double-spaced, in 12-size font. No cover page is needed. The entire homework should not exceed three pages. If you use Pages or another software other than Microsoft Word, save your file as a PDF before you upload it.

In complete sentences and paragraph format, please include the title of the media presentation, setting (place and time), and main storyline and answer the following questions:

Status and Roles (answer both)

● What was the status of nurses in the film (were they respected)?

● What roles do the nurses play in the healthcare setting/system for their patients?

Relationships with Patient and Families (answer both)

● How do the nurses establish rapport with their patients and their patients’ families? 

● How do the nurse’s individual characteristics serve the patient population he or she works with? 

Reflection (select three questions to address)

● What is one aspect of the nursing profession that you learned about or had not considered before watching the film? 

● What particular actions or interactions between nurses and patients in the film stand out in your mind? Why? 

● What were some comments made either by the narrator or the nurses themselves that struck a chord with you? Why? 

● What is one quality a nurse(s) in the film possessed that you plan to emulate in your own nursing career?

● What ethical or spiritual issues, if any, did the nurses and physicians face in the film?

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