[100% Unique Papers] Informed Team Pp Presentation

[100% Unique Papers] Informed Team Pp Presentation


Requirement is in the Form of a Well-Informed Team PP Presentation.

The Requirements are as follows:

Choose an ethical mishap/unethical situation at workplace or from the external business, non-profit, healthcare, or government environment. The external unethical situation can be extracted from a current event in the national or global environment.

Provide 6-10 slides, depending on the number of participants.

1) Title Page –a) Name of Case Study, b) Name of Participants

2) Case Study — Provide the Facts of the Case (Unethical Situation)

3) Ethical Theory — What Ethical Theory Will Provide the Framework of the Analysis? What Ethical Practice Will Provide the Framework of the Analysis?

4) Analysis — Each Team Member Must Provide an Analysis – analyze the ethical theory in relation to the unethical situation

5) Analysis: Team Member 2

5) Analysis: Team Member 3

8) Conclusion: My Role as Leader — Each Team Member Must Provide a Minimum of 6 Sentences on What They See as the Role of Leader in Regards to this Case Study. What SHOULD the leader have done, which would have provided a different outcome? In addition, provide Action Steps that the leader could take that what begin to move the situation/organization toward filling the gap. Include 2 or 3 Action Steps that will change the trajectory – the current path — the current course of action — of the unethical behavior and the institution that may encourage the unethical behavior.

9) In-text Citations and References (4) Must be Provided

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