[100% Unique Papers] Initiative Without Omitting Critical

[100% Unique Papers] Initiative Without Omitting Critical

5–10-page report (single spaced, 12 pt. font, 1” margins), including a cover page and tables/figures.  

The focus of the project report is to describe as fully as possible the initiative by the company interviewed. 

The report is to be written in business style and should clearly and concisely tell the story of the initiative without omitting critical information.  

The following inclusive format is recommended:

Title page including:

Subheadings for subsections

Bullet points (if appropriate)

Page numbers

Below are key elements to include in the report (in order of sequence) including recommended length:

1. A brief description of the business/organization and its products/services including key statistics (revenue, number of employees, growth attributes, etc.) – (1/2 page max).

2. Describe the interviewee(s) including their roles and responsibilities (provide contact name, phone number and email address) – (1/2 page max).

3. Describe the initiative in detail – (3-5 pages max).

a. Introduction / Overview

ii. Briefly (in 3-5 sentences), what was the project about?  What was the scope?  When did it take place?  Which report category does it fit in (i.e., Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma)?

ii. What were the business drivers/reasons for pursuing the project?

iii. Describe the implementation team and rationale used for team membership.

b. Describe the project itself (this is core of the report)

i. What was done?

ii. How did they do it?

iii. Why did they choose the solution they did?

iv. Describe problems they encountered when implementing and how they overcame the challenges.  What barriers were faced.

v. Describe any other major characteristics of the project.

4. Describe how the organization benefited from the project (labor saved, increased sales, etc.  Include qualitative and quantitative results.  Make sure quantitative results are annualized – (1 page max)

5. Describe future opportunities/challenges the organization wants to pursue with regards to the project area (i.e., Lean or Six Sigma) – (1/2 page max)

Every information needed to write this report is in the attached file. The questions were answered, all that is needed is to write the paper out using the answered question in a cohesive manner (story telling). 

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