[100% Unique Papers] Model Waffle House Uses

[100% Unique Papers] Model Waffle House Uses

 accomplishing a whole community approach to planning takes plenty of resources.  One strategy to assist with resource gaps is the use of public/private/academic partnerships.   

 In this discussion portion, you will be synthesizing what you have learned so that you understand how these concepts are applied in practice. 

1. Discuss the importance of cross-sector collaboration.  What roles can the private sector fill in disaster response?  

2. What are the drawbacks?  Give examples. 

3.  From your articles, discuss the model Waffle House uses in its disaster preparedness planning.  How does its approach make it a good partner? Have you ever eaten at a Waffle House?  If so, what is your favorite Waffle House item?  Mine is hashbrowns scattered covered and smothered.

Mine would be the: All Star Special

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