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Competency 1: Foundations of Reading Instruction – 60 In-service Hours Teachers will develop substantive understanding of six components of reading as a process: comprehension, oral language, phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary.

Candidates will demonstrate substantive understanding of the reading process by creating and presenting a PowerPoint on each of the 6 components of reading.


  1. Candidates will read selected articles in Module 1, listen to and view videos, and participate in class discussions related to the six components of the reading process.
  2. Candidates will use Module 1 sources to closely read about the components and create a PowerPoint on each of the components. Included in the PowerPoint will be the name of each reading component, what each one means, and examples of strategies to teach it.
  3. The PowerPoint will answer the questions below for each component:
    1. What is the component?
    2. What does it mean? Give examples.
    3. What are ways to teach it? (At least 2)
    4.  On a Word Document: Candidates will write a single-spaced one page summary with a reflection of their understanding of the six components of the reading process.

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