[100% Unique Papers] One Feedbackgroup Feedbackprotocolsstudent Led

[100% Unique Papers] One Feedbackgroup Feedbackprotocolsstudent Led

Discussion – 200 words minimum

Feedback and Technology Tools

Providing effective feedback to students is essential in supporting their growth and guiding their progress. You want to be able to provide feedback to help your learners understand their strengths, areas of weakness and what they need to do to plan to achieve their next levels of performance. Share with your classmates how you might use one of the following feedback methods in your Five-day Instructional Unit:

  • Voice
  • Co-creation
  • Social construction
  • Self-discovery
  • Instructive coaching
  • One-on-One Feedback
  • Group feedback
  • Protocols
  • Student led conferences
  • Consultancy models
  • Student reflection

Share when you would use it in your Five-day Instructional Unit, what format you would use (individual, small group, large group, written, etc.), and the benefit it will have to foster student performance growth.

Technology can be a useful and efficient tool to provide feedback to students. Research one technology tool that can be used to provide feedback to students and share your finding in the Discussion Board. Post the following:

  • The tool that you found (include a URL link to the tool).
  • How it supports student learning during the feedback loop.
  • How you might use this technology tool in your Five-day Instructional Unit.

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