[100% Unique Papers] “ Organizational Behavior ”

[100% Unique Papers] “ Organizational Behavior ”


For this Case Study, you will discover that using the Internet to locate information can be a useful tool to the student (or manager) interested in exploring topics in OB. For this first exercise, go to www.searchenginewatch.com to learn more about what Search engines and metacrawlers do and how they differ. Once you are on the Search Engine Watch website, click on Search Engine Listings, then on Major Search Engines. This page presents an overview of the major engines and how best to use them. Do not forget to look at other topics on this website that are interesting to you.

Perform a search on “Organizational Behavior” using three different search engines.

  1. Do the results differ or are they the same?
  2. If they differ, why do you think they are different?  If they are the same, why do you think they are the same?
  3. Provide a minimum of 3 examples and/or reasons of when you would choose one search engine over another and explain why.

Expected response length is 3 sentences per question. Write your responses answering these questions based on what you learned from researching search engines.  Please restate the question you are answering in your case study.

It is not sufficient to state your opinions alone; you must be able to backup your responses by applying concepts from the text with the case data that supports your findings.

Through writing this case study you will be required to demonstrate a knowledge of how to integrate management concepts with the case data, how to conduct research, and how to properly cite sources using APA formatting guidelines.  You will be responsible for using a minimum of 2 scholarly/peer reviewed sources

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