[100% Unique Papers] Patient Surveys Show Improved

[100% Unique Papers] Patient Surveys Show Improved

 Select a change theory that would work best for your proposed change project.  summarize the main theoretical notions and concepts of the selected theory. Then discuss the various stages of implementation of the proposed project based on the selected theory.

Brief example of using Lewin’s Change Theory with the previously presented pain example:

Unfreezing: Prepare the unit for change to using PCA pumps on post-op patients by sharing with the staff your research articles that reveal that patients have overall improved pain control when PCA pumps are used. May also show other data such as patient surveys that demonstrate inadequate pain control.

Transition: Policy is written to support the use of PCA pumps on all post-op patients; training of doctors, nurses, and other staff occurs.

Refreezing: Patient surveys show improved scores regarding pain management after implementing full use of PCA pumps.


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