[100% Unique Papers] Plagiarism Please Follow Template

[100% Unique Papers] Plagiarism Please Follow Template

Please follow directions or I Will dispute

Will be checked for plagiarism 

please follow template listed below


Current Trends in HR Management 


Subject: Current trends in our industry

Hello, Ms. Smith.

You asked me to conduct research on the current (and emerging) trends in our industry.

I have completed that work and can report that the top three (list your major here) are (trend 1), (trend 2), and (trend 3).

Here are details on the top three trends of note. (Detail them concisely in three separate paragraphs and explain why they matter to your industry. How might these trends impact your organization? Do these trends point to the future direction of your industry?

These are all important considerations for your department head.)

To conclude, the most important point to consider is (describe your bottom line and takeaway for Ms. Smith in this final paragraph).

I have included my references below and if I can answer any questions, I will be happy to do so.

Thank you.

Regards, Your name

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