[100% Unique Papers] Reflect Overall National Standards

[100% Unique Papers] Reflect Overall National Standards

Create a discussion based on this question. Use 2 reliable citations.

13. Efforts to standardize the definition of advanced practice nursing have been ongoing since the 1990s. Why are there still discrepancies?

The community may mean county, state, region, etc.  Access the Worksheet through the following link and follow the instructions on the form. You will explore and compare data concerning the roles, education, certification, and salaries of advanced practice nurses, PAs, and physicians.  You will need to research demographic and legislative data.  All sources must be credible scholarly resources.

· Questions addressing education should reflect overall national standards, not FNU requirements.

· You can find the information using credible sources, scholarly sources only.  (.gov, .org)

· School of Nursing websites (.edu) are not credible resources, nor are sites advertising for nursing jobs. 

· Ideally, cited studies should have been published less than five years ago.

· Use the FNU file naming standard.

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