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It is very important to realize that any environmental incidents will cause harmful effects to human life. These incidents can often cause global environmental health incidents. Having a healthy environment can assist with a longer human life span and better quality of life. Health People reported there were approximately 26% of deaths that were related to environmental health problems that could have been prevented. It would great for communities and public health officials to work together to reduce the exposure of diseases and pollutants that can be toxic.

There are eight key environmental factors that can affect health of everyone if hazards to the environment occur.

  1. Chemical safety- exposure to toxins can be in the food and water supply and severely affect human life.
  2. Air pollution- toxins in the air are dangerous and can lead to the following diseases :29% of all global deaths from lung disease, 24% of all global deaths from stroke, 17 % of all global deaths and disease from acute lower respiratory infection
  3. Climate change and natural disasters- can lead to overall body system issues and illnesses. Natural disasters can displace families and communities and leave areas unsafe to live in.
  4. Diseases caused by microbes- harmful microorganisms can lead to severe disease after contaminating the soil, air and food supply.
  5. Lack of access to health care- People with illnesses or diseases who are not able to be seen will have poor quality of life. They are also at risk for multiple chronic issues.
  6. Infrastructure issues- This can cause multiple issues if the community has poor quality drinking water, no access to adequate health care and poor overall social and living conditions.
  7. Poor water quality-“More than 780 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water; shockingly, about a third of the world’s population lacks access to proper sanitation services (e.g., clean bathrooms). The health implications are sobering: Each day, more than 2,200 children die due to diseases caused by poor water quality” (Regis College, 2021).
  8. “Global environmental issues- Global environmental issues account for more than 12.6 million deaths each year, according to WHO data. Along with the issues mentioned here, these can include soil pollution, ultraviolet radiation, and biodiversity loss. According to the data, more than 100 illnesses and injuries can be directly linked to environmental health concerns. Often, these issues have the greatest impact on communities that are poor and already have significant health care vulnerabilities” (Regis College, 2021).

The environment affects us all either positively or negatively. Managing the outcomes may prove difficult especially if multiple communities and environmental conditions are involved.


Regis College. (2021). 8 environmental factors that affect health. 8 Environmental Factors that Affect             Health | Regis College Online

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