[100% Unique Papers] Regression Spss Data Set

[100% Unique Papers] Regression Spss Data Set


Jackson. (2018). Custom MindTap Reader, Instant Access for Jackson, Research Methods and Statistics, 5th edition. 

Kirkpatrick, L. A. (2016). Simple Guide to IBM SPSS – version 23.0 (14th ed.). Wadsworth, Inc. 

· Read: Jackson: Chapter 6

· Read: Jackson: Chapter 7 (Hypothesis testing to end)

· Read: Jackson: Chapter 8 (section on correlation Coefficients and Statistical Significance only)

· Read: Kirkpatrick: Chapter 14

· Read: Kirkpatrick: Chapter 15


· Watch: Hypothesis Testing

· Correlations and Regression Techniques

· Correlation and Regression in SPSS

· Correlation & Regression SPSS Data Set 

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