[100% Unique Papers] Research Paper Utilizing Proper

[100% Unique Papers] Research Paper Utilizing Proper

As you get closer to submitting your completed proposal, what have you learned about writing a research paper utilizing proper APA 7 formatting?  What mistakes do you routinely make that you need to focus on?  What parts of formatting do you seem to struggle with the most and why? (no use of first-person, use of past tense or future tense, formatting references, in-text citations, quotations, etc.) In two to three paragraphs, discuss the above and explain what steps you will take to overcome the struggles you are currently facing.  

Your Discussion should be a minimum of 250 words in length and not more than 450 words. Please include a word count. Following the APA standard, use references and in-text citations for the textbook and any other sources.  

Reading Assignment

1. Belmont Report. (n.d.).  https://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/regulations-and-policy/belmont-report/index.html 

  • This is a complete list of all ethical concerns discussed when conducting research.

2. Everheart. J. (2004) A study of kindergarten and first-grade special education students’ recall of color words. Download the PDF.

  • The above is a complete Master’s thesis that you will be reviewing in your PLC.

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