[100% Unique Papers] Sample References Exit Diversion

[100% Unique Papers] Sample References Exit Diversion


For this discussion, you want to research your topic for Project 4 and find at least 3 reputable sources that support the problem or propose solutions to the problem. The sources do not need to come from the PGCC databases, but they must be credible. You should have learned about finding credible resources in your Comp 1 class. 

After finding three resources, create a mini-annotated bibliography with 1 to 2 sentences that explain what the article is about or why it is helpful.

For your responses, you want to help your classmate in some of the following ways

  • Provide specific feedback about one or more of their sources
  • Help find additional, credible sources about the topic that might be helpful
  • Suggest any other concepts that they might want to research in relation to their topic. 

Below is a sample


Exit diversion elevator door disguises for Alzheimer or memory care environments. (n.d.). Creative Art Co. https://www.creativeartco.com/home/exit-diversion-elevator-doorsLinks to an external site. 

  • This source provides information and pricing about camouflage elevator doors.

Klosterman, C. (2014, March 2). Nursing-home pitfalls. The New York Times Magazine, 17(L). https://link-gale-com.pgcc.idm.oclc.org/apps/doc/A360231020/ITOF?u=pgcc_main&sid=bookmark-ITOF&xid=7c8db376Links to an external site.

  • This source discussed the idea of using black mats to make dementia patients think that there was a hole in the ground and avoid stepping on the mats (or onto an elevator)

Miller, C. (2012). Fast facts for dementia care : What nurses need to know in a nutshell. Springer Publishing Company.

  • Miller’s (2012) book provides a lot of information about why dementia patient’s behaved the way that they do and how nurses can minimize the behaviors that are most difficult to manage.

Sudbury dementia sufferers’ stress eased by murals painted on doors. (2015, May 14). The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. https://link-gale-com.pgcc.idm.oclc.org/apps/doc/A413555091/ITOF?u=pgcc_main&sid=bookmark-ITOF&xid=0a084734Links to an external site.

  • This article talked about how camouflaging elevator doors mentally helped dementia patients by making the doors look like pleasing items and keeping the patients safe.  

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