[100% Unique Papers] See Attached Ms Powerpoint

[100% Unique Papers] See Attached Ms Powerpoint

250 2words


For this week  Skill Building Activity, you will complete the following steps: 

  1. Watch the “Project Management at the Phoenician” video. 
  2. Starwood: Project Management from GMC Online Course Development on Vimeo
  3. Review the “Project Management at the Phoenician” video case on pages 272-273. 
  4. Respond with answers to the questions using your critical thinking and moral reasoning skills.  If you are asked to draw an illustrative figure such as a chart, graph, or diagram, please do so and upload your document/s with your responses.  Refer to your uploaded document/s in your responses, e.g., Question 2: See attached MS PowerPoint presentation for my detailed flowchart of the Ice Cream making process. 

Questions. 1 Coordinating departments in a major project is always a challenge. Which departments within the starwood organization likely played a role in each of the following projects related activities? 

  1. Defining and organizing the project 
  2. Planning the project. 
  3. Monitoring and controlling the project.  

2. Many times, project decision markers do not rely solely on financial hurdles, such as return on investment or internal rates of return, but place a lot of emphaisis on intangible factors. Which are the salient in tangible factors associated with selecting one of the three options for the spa? 

3. Timing is always a challenge in managing projects. Construct a network diagram for the spa selection process. How soon can the phoenician management 

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