[100% Unique Papers] See Developmental Changes

[100% Unique Papers] See Developmental Changes

Read the information on children’s eyewitness memory located in chapter 7 of your text and in the link provided in lesson 7. After reading the information post your response to the following question to the Discussion Board. Do you think children should be used for eyewitness testimony? Use the information in the text and other sources to support your answer. After posting respond to one other student’s posts.

Answers should be at least 250 words and contain references. 


Eyewitness Testimony

One area where we can see children’s memory in real world settings is through the use of eyewitness testimony. There is a lot of controversy around the accuracy of children’s ability to recall what they have seen. Your text discusses this issue as well as the document below.

Eyewitness TestimonyLinks to an external site.

Problem Solving

Children’s ability to solve problems is a result of development and experience. Through trial and error children learn what strategies are effective for specific scenarios. The text provides a comparison of children and adolescent strategies utilized to solve problems. Through this comparison you can see developmental changes that occur in specific areas

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