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[100% Unique Papers] Text · Visuals Help

Fundamentals of Psychology – Week #7 Assignment

Psychological Disorders – Symptoms and Treatments

Develop a 6-7 slide PowerPoint, not including the reference page, with speaker notes for each slide addressing the following.  In chapter 12 many psychological disorders are addressed. This assignment will build on that. You are to pick one of those disorders and develop a presentation on it. On the first slide of the PowerPoint, review the symptoms of the disorder. On the second slide provide a review of the origins or causes of the disorder. For the remaining slides, pick two of the therapies discussed in chapter 13 and explain how the disorder might be treated with those methods of therapy. Your presentation needs to include additional information from at least one outside scholarly source. Finally, you must record your presentation using a screen recording tool.

Criteria for Success

·         6-7 slides

·         Slides should not be cluttered with text

·         Visuals help reinforce the information presented

·         Reference page in APA format

Narrating Your Presentation

·         Use the free online program Screencast-o-Matic.

·         Do a short recording to ensure that your microphone is picking up your narration.

·         Practice before you record and make your final recording in a quiet area.

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