[100% Unique Papers] Treatment Notes · Target

[100% Unique Papers] Treatment Notes · Target

Calling for experienced interventionists, ABA professionals, and behavior therapists for a challenging/fun kind of mission. This may sound odd to some of you, but I’m trying to create a booklet of client session notes to mix and use when time is not on my side. Long, stressful hours at work do take a toll on me, and sometimes I forget many important details for my notes. These pre-maid session notes will help taking that stress away and assist with sessions being converted quickly.  

Here is the important part, however: I’m NOTlooking for a written essay with doubled-spaced citations and references. All I want is a doc file with 40-50 session notes to mix and match. They should be a paragraph long (4-6 lines only). That’s it! Please take a quick look at some of my own notes for references. Thank you!

Documents attached:

·      Guidelines (for treatment notes)

·      Target Goals (one of my client’s)

·      Sample notes of my own (ref)

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