[100% Unique Papers] U Tube Video

[100% Unique Papers] U Tube Video

-Watch the U tube video below and answer the questions that follows.

-https://youtu.be/TS6IFDVR-3g (Why school start later for teens).

Identify the thesis statement: The thesis is the main point of the argument. In the example, what is the one sentence that the author gives as their thesis statement?

Identify the narration and/or partition: This may be history, background, or other information needed to put the argument in perspective. It should also preview the issue about to be argued. When and where does the author give the narration and/or partition? Did you feel it helped your understanding of the argument?

Identify the claims: There are multiple claims in the example argument. What are they? Where are they? What types of claims are they? How are they used?

Identify the evidence: What evidence is used? What claims is the evidence used to back? What type of evidence is used and does it fit the claims it is trying to prove? Why/why not?

Identify the counter-arguments: Are there any counterclaims that go against the author’s thesis? What are they? How do they combat the refuting evidence? Where does this appear in their argument?

Identify the conclusion: The conclusion is pretty easy to find. However, what exactly is in the author’s conclusion? What elements of their main argument do their reinforce? How does the argument end? What is the final line? Does it leave a lasting impression? Why or why not?

-200 words

-Due 8/23/2022 @ 2pm

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