[100% Unique Papers] Written Using Appropriate Language

[100% Unique Papers] Written Using Appropriate Language

Choose a person who has experienced a crisis or trauma. It could be you, a family member, friend or someone in a movie or on TV. Using trauma informed practices, create an individualized Service Plan. Resources that are different places that demonstrate knowledge of trauma-informed approaches (not just one treatment center).

Identify someone in need (you, a friend, family member, classmate, co-worker or movie/TV character) and create a “Case Study” by providing information about your client as a whole person (not just their traumatic experience, but also their likes, hobbies, hopes, etc.).  

Evaluate their needs from a human services standpoint. How did they get into their current situation? What about their life do they want to change? What can you as the human services professional do to help them?   

Create a Service Plan by creating 5 goals for your client, assigning a local organization who will assist with each goal and a date this will be accomplished by. For example, “Goal #1: Link client to yoga classes to be taken once per week to practice breathing and body awareness. This will be done by referring her to Sports Yoga M2 by the end of next week”. The goals can be in “list format” (instead of paragraph format).  

Discuss any ethical issues that you may experience with your client (for example, “my client told me that she has a crush on me, this is how I handled it), how you will ensure confidentiality (for example, “I informed my client that anything we discuss stays between us unless she in danger, wants to hurt herself or someone else), limits of competency (for example, “My client wanted my help processing her past sexual abuse but because I’m not qualified as a counselor, I referred her to someone who CAN help her”) and your continuing professional development (for example, “I will keep myself updated in the field by attending seminars on proper ethics, procedures, etc.”).   

You can submit this assignment by creating an organized Word document and be sure to address each bolded prompt above.  

Grading Scale: 

____/50 Analysis and Evaluation 

Was the general content of the service plan appropriate to the topic and thorough? Was it thoughtful, considerate and trauma informed? Was it written using appropriate language? 

____/30 Goals 

Did each of the 5 goals include a time frame, place of referral and rationale? Was it clear, organized and understandable to the client? 

____/20 Ethical Issues, Confidentiality, Limits of Competency and Professional Development  

Was each topic clearly, thoroughly and correctly addressed? 

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