Do I need to attach the template as in #15?


Psychological (Study) Analysis




1.     This is a 7 page document (including cover page and reference page)


2.     This paper must be typed and double spaced (12/Times New Roman)


3.     This paper must have a cover page (running header and page number)


4.     This paper must have an abstract and utilize titles and subtitles.


5.     This paper must have a reference page.


6.     Citations must be included in this paper.


7.     Refer to the template in the course information section as a guide (Use bold subtitles as displayed on the template)


8.     This paper must include a scholarly source (selected article).


9.     This paper must be submitted in Word document in Blackboard.


10. This paper will be submitted through SafeAssign with less than 15% overlap in the originality report. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and result in failure and possible further sanctions. You may paraphrase but do not cut and paste


11.   This paper must be APA format (


12. Do not write in person as this is a research paper.


13.   References must be within 5 years.


14.   Utilize subtitles (bold).


15.   Refer to the template as a guide for this document.




Directions (refer to the template in the course information tab)


1.     Select an article from a previewed list (course information) for this assignment.


2.     Review the abstract and paraphrase the study.


3.     Identify the experiment(s) and select the one that will be analyzed. 


4.     Summarize the introduction and/or literature review.


5.     Identify participants and procedures (methodology) and explain how the research was conducted.


6.     Interpret the graph (results) and explain how it answers the research question(s).


7.     After a review of the discussion section, identify the limitations of the study.


8.     How would you extend the research?


9.     Develop addition research questions.


10.   Who will be your sample population (participants)?


11.   How would you conduct your research?


12.   Explain what results you would expect with a graph.


13.   Complete the paper with a conclusion.


14.   Refer to the activity schedule for deadline date.


15.   This is a research paper, not an essay, do not write in first person)


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