Geology HW

In this exercise, you will have the opportunity to navigate around in Google Earth 6.0 in order to find specific examples of geologic processes.  To record your efforts, you will create a Google Earth Tour.  Refer to the following link to an online tutorial to help you with this:
Then select “Create a narrated tour” from the list on the left.

You tour should include examples of the following features:
Karst landscape
Meandering River
Braided River 
Alpine Glacier
Continental Ice Sheet
Sand dunes
Ephemeral Stream (Arroyo)
Depositional Coastline
Erosional Coastline

You may want to add narration or music to your GE Tour to liven it up!  Once you have completed your GE Tour, save the .kml (i.e. jarmour_tour.kml) to your hard drive and upload it to this Dropbox for credit.  If you are uncomfortable with this process, you may submit a detailed summary of each of your GE stops in text and include the latitude and longitude of each stop.

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