The target length for each answer is 400 words (1200 total). Please make sure you upload your answers as a .doc or .docx file type.

Complete Parts A and B:

   -Part A: Choose and answer two, and only two questions, from the four below:

Compare Mengzi’s and Mandeville’s theories of human nature and moral motivation. Which one do you find most plausible and why?

How does Louise Antony defend the view that atheism does not imply that there are no moral rules or values?

Asma argues that we can recognize the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) without accepting the causal theories of TCM. Explain what he means by this. Is it rational to take a prescribed medicine if one doesn’t believe in the science or causal theory behind it?

How is mass incarceration in the U.S. connected to the history of slavery, segregation, and the social construction of black racial identity, according to Olufemi Taiwo and Eduardo Mendieta?

  -Part B: 

Climate change poses an existential risk to all living things on our planet. Utilize two or more of the ideas in this course to explain how we should think about climate change and its potential consequences, such as the myths of The Cave or Ring of Gyges, the rationality of belief in miracles, the ability of science to solve human problems, or how we understand death, time, and ourselves.

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